KUDA VALLA is a Canberra based small enterprise owned by Maldives born Rifaee Rasheed (Rify). The idea of creating KUDA VALLA came after she made her first product Thaana Mushi. Thaana Mushi was initially a home schooling kit that she made to teach her son (2 years then) Dhivehi (Maldivian native language) through interesting games. Seeing how the tiles and her games helped her son with his reading, she realised there could be other parents like her who would want to teach their little ones Dhivehi, but did not have the time or resources to make their own teaching tools. So, in late 2020, she launched KUDA VALLA with the aim of helping kids grow up to appreciate their cultures and native languages.


What is KUDA VALLA? In Dhivehi, “Kuda” means little, and “Valla” is the name of a migratory sea bird common to the Maldives. The brand name resonates Rify and her husband’s love for the ocean, their islands, and the desire to teach their kids their native mother tongue. Wherever we live, we will always be “children of the sea”!


Nothing out of this enterprise would make us happier than to see your children grow up to be literate and fluent in their native tongues. So please share your stories with us on instagram and facebook and let us all be together on this journey!